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A Tribute to the Karmapa
Chenrezik Sadhana on CD

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Karma Thegsum Choyang Music collaborated with Khaeon Records to produce this recording made at the Rumtek Dharma Chakra Center in Sikkim, India, in the summer of 1999. Chanted by the monks from Rumtek Monastery under the direction of Umdze Bi-Karma.

Mahakala Invocation (4:19)
Short Mahakala (5:15)
Mahakala Tsok
Mahakala (1:30)
Radung (6:35)
Guruyoga Prayer (7:24)
Guruyoga Homage (8:34)
Dhu Kor Tsa Dang (13:54)
Kagyu Gur Tso Dang (7:12)
Dhu Kor Tsa Dang II (2:52)
Guruyoga Chant (1:48)
Gyaling (6:46)