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Songs of Jataka Tales
Chenrezik Sadhana on CD

Available from Namse Bangdzo Bookstore.
$18; Click here to buy.

The Jataka Tales is a song album dedicated to children of all ages. The album consists of songs, narrations with instrumental background and musical interludes sung and spoken by Penny Nichols and Chojor Radha:

• Sit By Me (1:20)
• The Monkey King (4:20)
• The Grateful Elephant (5:36)
• Jataka Beat (4:06)
• The Golden Goose (6:51)
• Jataka Dream (4:09)
• The Fowler and the Quails (6:35)
• The Woodpecker, Tortoise and Antelope (5:24)
• Three Little Fishes (6:07)
• Run Rabbit, Run (6:51)
• Jataka Dance (3:45)


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